More races, More Running, New Goals

Right now I’m focusing on completing my 60 day Insanity bootcamp.  Today was the first day of month 2, 4 weeks left.  I still run and I feel good when I do.  On Saturday I went out to Town Park with the boys and their bikes.  We completed 6 miles at an avg pace of 9:45.  I haven’t really focused too much on speed or pace.  I’m just running for the fun of it.  It’s nice.

On May 18th I’m part of a team for the beach to bay marathon relay in Corpus Christi.  It’ll be cool cause I’ll be part of a team and my leg is 4.6 miles long.  It’s the second leg.  The boys will have fun playing on the beach that weekend too.  My goal for that run is to complete it in 38 minutes.  I know it’s ambitious but I want to aim for that.  I have to take into account the humidity and the heat especially since part of my leg is on the beach.

There’s another race on June 9th.  It’s a half marathon, The Wounded Warrior.  I’m on the fence about it since we are trying to save money for our summer trip.  Melissa told me about it and I think her and her running partner Jennifer are running it.  It’d be fun to meet up and do that one.  We tried to meet up at the hot chocolate 15k but I got to race late so we missed each other.  It’s funny we haven’t officially met, just through group challenges and on Facebook   Our connection is through my good friend Jessica.  I’ll get to officially meet Melissa at beach to bay.  She’s running the first leg and I’m running the second.

So, other than those two races, I might just stick to virtual runs for a while.  My new goals consist of increasing my endurance and my pace.  I’ve been at the same pace for the last 9 years it seems.  I get the occasional quick miles here and there but I can only sustain that pace for a mile or two.  I think if I Galloway I can run faster and last longer.  I haven’t actually tried it though.

Another goal I set for myself is to build more muscle through weight training.  I am going to invest on Les Mils Pump after I finish Insanity.  It’s through beach body and since I am a coach again I can get it on a discount.  Being a coach for beach body is fun since people come to me with questions and I am helping them either with new motivation, with nutrition and/or workout ideas.  I’m a trauma counselor and work with victims of crime which is very fulfilling but also emotionally draining.  Working with people on their fitness goals and helping them succeed is uplifting and gives me energy.

Wednesday, Friday or Saturday I hope to get a long run in and I’m going to Galloway 4:1 from the beginning.  Town Park’s trail is about 3 miles long from one end to another.  I’ve gone out and back and added a little extra to complete exactly 6 miles.  I’d like to go out and back twice using the Galloway 4:1 ratio.  That sounds really easy and doable, we’ll see. Run Happy.

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