Beach to Bay recap and long run

May 17 we headed down to Corpus Christie and met up with our friends.  That trip was so awesome for Erik and I.  It was our first away trip since the boys were born, 11 years.  I felt so excited and happy the entire time.

The morning of the race we picked up Melissa from the hotel.  She was running the first leg and I was running the second.  It was really dark and early but it was relaxing getting there at such an early time.  I was nervous that I wouldn’t find Melissa or she wouldn’t find me when she was going to pass me the baton.  I was also nervous that I wouldn’t find David to pass the baton to him.  I ran my leg, 4.6 miles in 42:15.  I was happy with my time.

Well everything went smoothly.  Except when we went to pick up Glynda….we got stuck in weird traffic.  Then we finally parked and waited for her.  She had to walk from her finish after running almost 5 miles to where we were which was about 2 miles.  Then to get to the finish to see Brandi, we got stuck for an hour in traffic!  So we missed the finish with Brandi, but caught up with the others.  Took pictures, got our free beer and pizza.  After we chilled for a bit, Erik and i went back to our hotel to put on our suits and headed back to the beach.

After the beach, Erik and I went back to our hotel, showered, and went out to a nice dinner.  I was so full after that.  We had seafood and it was yummy.  I had some veggie sushi rolls (I’m not there yet to eat raw fish except for ceviche).

The next morning, Sunday, we had our starbucks, went to Mass, then got lunch and souvenirs for the family before picking up our boys.  It’s an 8 hour drive so we got home kind of late.

We picked up our dogs from the resort they were in for the weekend.  After we got them back home, I went for a run.  Yes I set out for a 12 mile run.  I started running and my calves hurt after 1.5 miles.  So I Gallowayed 3:1 and immediately felt relief.  I started running longer towards the end of my run, but maintained a slower pace.  I finished in 2:17.

Since we planned a camping trip Memorial Day weekend, I knew I couldn’t get a long run that weekend.  I’m running the Wounded Warrior Half next week.  My plan is to get one more long run this weekend.  Tomorrow I’m running 13 miles.  I’m struggling with wanting to go out to FW or stay in Mansfield and run the trail.  If I go out and back 3 times I will complete the mileage.  I just don’t know if I want to do that or just run in a straight line.  I’m comfortable either way.  I also feel like running by myself.  I need a mental break from the pressures of the week and I only find that on my alone runs.  I’ll figure it out.

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