Upcoming races and training

Last week was the end of Camp Gladiator’s 4 week Total Transformation.  My results weren’t exactly what I wanted but I learned about my nutritional needs to increase my performance and have been keeping up with my meals and goals.  TT started on May 23rd and ended on June 17th.  Now that this challenge is over, I plan to begin running and training again.  I was strictly doing CG and I have become stronger in hopes that it’ll improve my running form and in turn positively affect my time.

Tomorrow I plan on going on a run but I haven’t decided the distance yet.  There are 16 weeks left before the marathon on October 9th. I hope it’s enough time to train without hurting myself. During CG I experienced severe shin splints as well as soreness in my knees.  Ibuprofen helped but I don’t want to rely on it too much.  With my calf sleeves and K-tape I hope to relieve the pain.


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