Comeback Race

I did it, I signed up for the Dallas marathon in December. I’m running the 5K on 12/12 and the full on 12/13. I’m excited and nervous at the same time. I haven’t run long distance in a while. After my divorce in April 2019, I sold my house and rented a teeny tiny house, began a new job with Dallas county which I love but it is busy and challenging, and tackled new territory as a single mom of two teen boys. Now that the dust is settled-somewhat- I’ve had my sights set on a marathon in the winter and a destination race in the Spring 2021. The juvenile department of Dallas County has opened my eyes to what adolscent males in corrections need. The guys enjoy reading as it helps pass the time and is one of their coping skills they use to calm them when they experience overwhelming feelings. I would like to freshen up their inventory of books. Along with books, I would like to gain supplies for the therapeutic activities I do with them (e.g., playdough, water colors, colored pencils, markers, glue sticks). What better way to turn my marathon into something meaningful than by getting sponsors for the race. I will be asking that for every mile each sponsor donate a book, a supply from my list, or gift card to wal-mart or target for the purchase of materials. In the near future, I will be putting together a form for the sponsorship. 5K (3.1) and full marathon (26.2) miles is 29.3 miles, or 30 miles to keep it even. If I get a sponsor for each mile I run on 12/12 and/or 12/13 then that’s alot of extra supplies! I’m so excited about this and I want to get others to join me on this journey, whether it’s the 5k, or 10K, or 1/2 or Full…the miles add up and so do the supplies! Training starts August 17th which is my birthday and I think I can start collecting my sponsorships then with a collection of the items the week of 12/14-12/21. I’m more motivated than ever. 🙂

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