Thanksgiving week recap

Thanksgiving came and went and it was too short.  Needless to say it was a fun week.  I spent the first part of the week working, (Mon-Wed).  My inlaws came on Saturday, the 15th so we had a busy house.  The training runs for the week were: 3 Tuesday, 4 Wednesday, 3 Thursday, and 10 Saturday.  I was anticipating no running on Thursday because it was going to be Thanksgiving Day and we were going to walk a 5K Turkey Trot as a family.  Monday which is normally a rest day I ran 3 miles, they were nice and fast.  I walked my dogs afterward and then went to work.  Tuesday, I could not get up on time and ended up skipping the run and heading to work.  Wednesday, I ran the first mile with both of my dogs and then the final 4 alone.

Turkey Trot recap:  I woke up that morning pretty sore from the 5 miler and was looking forward to my leisure walk.  I was going to walk with Rusty and Erik was going to walk with Hawkeye.  Well…as we crossed the start line, I mentioned how I wanted to start running.  In the meantime, Hawkeye was trying to gallop while Erik tried to restrain him.  “Do you want to run with him?”  “OK!!!”  We switched leashes and off we went…OMG, Hawkeye had me running at a 7:45/mile pace while we were dodging walkers, strollers, other dogs, and slower runners.  At one point he ran through a puddle and dragged me with him!  He finally slowed down and were running side by side at mile 2.5.  We crossed the finish then he got excited and wanted to run some more!  I walked him around then went to the finish line to wait for my family.  I had a good time running with him, but he needs more training on he leash.

Thanksgiving Day, I ate way too much.  I needed another 3 miles to burn all the calories I consumed.  On Friday, thank goodness for a rest day, I slept in a little and relaxed the rest of the day.

Saturday morning I met Tiffany on the trail.  We had 10 miles scheduled and we ran them no sweat (not literally)!  We set out to run the first 5, then we turned around, walked a minute, then ran the next mile.  Walked 1 minute then the next.  We walked another minute and then finished the last 2 strong.  We had negative splits except when we walked.  Our finish time was 1:40 minutes.  I’m pretty proud of us!  Our next long run is on Saturday the 30th and we’re running 7.

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