Windy run

Saturday morning December 1,2012-it was actually warm, 70 degrees, cloudy, and windy. Justin accompanied me on my 7 mile run on his bike. At first I was slow and trying to get passed the wind, which was pushing me back. It was so forceful! Justin was having a hard time pedaling too. After mile 2 he asked to stop and we walked. It was a nice break, I have to admit. I realized that I will keep running until whoever I’m with says they need a break, if not I just go. Ill stop and take a walk break if I need it when alone but it’s usually at mile 6 or 7. I get in this zone and it is awesome!

Today’s run was this weeks long run. Every 3rd week is a set back week which is a nice break after last week’s 10. I had set out for 10 min/mile and held steady at that pace. I had negative splits too! Total miles this week: 18 🙂

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