Long runs

My long runs are in the double digits now! 10miles the Sat after Thanksgiving then the set back of 7 miles. My last long run was 12 miles. The day before, Friday, i went to the gym and took a bldy works class. That class was a lifting class and it included alot of squats!!! Needless to say i was sore!!! the run helped alleviate the soreness. That morning I met my running partner and her 3yo son who was bundled up in the running stroller. That run was surprisingly manageable! My running partner pushed that stroller something fierce! I helped a little too. All in all we were both proud. This coming Saturday we have 13 to run and then the other mamas and I from mrtt are all meeting for breakfast. I’m so glad I met this group!

Anyway, I noticed during this 12 mile run I wasn’t hungry. I ate a bowl of oatmeal before I went out. It sustained me, didn’t bother my stomach, and I felt like I had extra energy this time! I’m definitely going to continue this ritual the mornings before my long runs. This training has showed me what I’m capable of. 🙂

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