15 miler

Saturday I met Tiffany on the trail and we started on our 15 mile long run for the week.  We swapped the set back week 10 miler for the 15 miler since she was going to be out of town and the Christmas stuff…etc.

Admittedly I was nervous all week about this one.  For one it is the longest distance I’ve run EVER and two, I had a bad week with my runs.  Tuesday I didn’t get up at all for it and was aiming to do my short little 3 miler after work, but needless to say, LIFE gets in the way, between the boys’ choir concert and my migraine it wasn’t gonna happen.  Wednesday, I was supposed to run 7 miles.  It was crazy windy so I opted to run on the treadmill.  I still had some residual effects from my migraine the night before and I got a late start.  I ran 4 miles instead.  Thursday I was scheduled to run 4, I aimed for 7 again and got 5 in.  I wasn’t feeling bad anymore but I started late and had to work.  Friday is a rest day but I did a Pilates DVD to help stretch me out for Saturday’s 15.

On Friday night I woke up in the middle of the night twice.  Saturday morning, I got up on time, ate some oat meal, had some coffee even, and drove out to Trinity.  It was cold but I thought it’d be warmer by the time we started off running so I didn’t keep my gloves on, mistake number one.   Tiffany was already there in her cute new running outfit, which helped inspire a little.  🙂

Miles 1, 2, and 3 weren’t so bad.  Tiffany reminded me that last week we ran 13 pretty hard and we’re supposed to run these long ones slower than marathon pace.  It is mentally challenging to run at a 10min pace it felt like walking at some points.  I started cramping a little like I needed to go to the bathroom and I always go before I leave my house.  Tiffany wasn’t feeling too hot either.  We took a walk break at mile 5 which helped but then started running again and I felt the cramping again.  I am pretty good at keeping my focus on the run so I think my rambling about work, my family, and other non sense helped push Tiffany along.  The miles just wouldn’t move up like they did last week.  I mean last week we were just moving along mile after mile…etc.  This time half a mile into the next one seemed to take forever!  We were at 13 miles and that is when it really started to hit me, my feet were sore, my knee was achy, and I was still crampy.  I knew it was gasiness, but what could have done that?  I wonder if I take bean-o before my runs it’ll help.  I’m going to try that for our next long run.

After we took our first walk break we were taking a walk break about every mile mile and a half.  We reached 14 miles took a short walk break and then finished to 15, Alleluia we did it!  That last mile seemed to go on forever!  At one point Tiffany asked me “How much longer?”  I said, half a mile…she was like, “WHAT?!”  Thinking about it now  I laugh…we’ll be at mile 19 in a few weeks going, “How much more before 20!?”

I am exhausted from the running, I am not getting enough sleep.  I feel like I’m not drinking enough water either.  The other problem is I forget to take my migraine medicine.  I don’t know if the onset of headaches is because of lack of water or too much water or if it is because I haven’t taken my meds.  That’s another thing I need to be more cautious about is eating right, water intake, and sleep.

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