Christmas week and New Years

The toughest part about running and commitment to training is most people don’t get it and tend to look at you funny when you continue to follow the plan.  So here is how it went for me, we ran 15 miles the Saturday the 22nd.  Sunday the 23 my little sister came into town.  Monday the 24th was a rest day and Christmas Eve, no problem there.  The 25th, after we opened presents, I ran 4 miles (the plan said 3 but I got mixed up).  Wednesday I managed to run 7 miles in the evening after work.  Thursday, I skipped my run (supposed to be 4 miles but since I ran it on Tues my plan was to run 3 Thurs, and nothing went to plan).  Friday we went to a hockey game and I brought my sis and niece with us.  They spent the night so Saturday, I didn’t get my 10 miles in but rather did just 3.  I felt guilty and blah about it at first but it is what it is and I have to move forward.  Yesterday was New Years Eve, I worked yesterday and it was a rest day on my plan.

Today is New Year’s Day and I ran my 4 miles today.  I ran them on the treadmill.  I attempted to run hill strides with a few intervals of sprinting.  It was a good run, took me about 41 minutes with the cool down.  Tomorrow I have 8 scheduled.  The long run on Saturday is 16 miles.  I am looking forward to it.  The most I’ve ever run in the past was 14 miles.  I am feeling nervous and excited.

Today I joined the 500/1000 club and committed to running 1000 miles in 2013.  I have a marathon and possibly 2 half marathons planned for 2013, that’s a start and not counting my training runs.

There needs to be more cross training in the mix for me.  I notice that ever since Thanksgiving, I’ve gained 3 lbs.   I know it doesn’t sound like much but I know running is helping me maintain my weight, not actually lose anymore.  I know I’m at my ideal weight, but I’d like to strengthen my muscles and trim my muffin top.  As soon as I’m done marathon training I will start another round of Insanity.

I’m getting sleepy, all that stupid running!  🙂

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