16 miler

This morning the alarm went off, I was tired but managed to get up.   Luckily I put everything out the night before and was feeling prepared.  I ate a snack bar (almond sweet and salty) took my coffee in my travel mug and off I went.  I had the heater blasting, it was in the 30’s.  I took anti diarrhea medicine the night before too.  I didn’t want any mishaps while I was running.

I got to our meeting place on the trail, got with Tiffany and off we went.  It was cold, my legs were moving slow, but my breathing and every thing were fine.  The plan was to run 3 out one direction, turn around (back to our cars) = 6 miles and then run 5 out the other direction, turn around and = 10, which = 16 total.

Once we finished the first 3 and turned around I was feeling good.  By the time we got to our cars, I was pretty warm so I decided to leave my long sleeve shirt and gloves in the car.  BIG MISTAKE!  When we headed he other direction it seemed colder, the sun was barely out and there was some breeze.  I didn’t warm up completely.

The first 6 miles felt great.  After our first break, I felt ready go keep going.  By mile 13 or 14 I felt an irritating feeling on m middle toe.  I thought it was a pebble, but later I found out it was a blood blister.  We stopped and walked at mile 14, then ran up til 15 then ran the last mile.  I noticed my right ankle became sore around mile 14.5 or so.  The blister felt worse and worse but not enough to make me miserable.   Once we were done we were excited!  We did it!  Felt great and I learned what I need to do.  I’m thinking the next long one past 13 miles, I need to wear my toe socks and Vaseline my feet.

These training runs are preparing me not only physically but also mentally.

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