Wow so tired all the time

This weekend I realized I need more hours of sleep especially since my mileage has increased.  Last week my miles added up, 4 Tuesday, 8 Wednesday, (I skipped Thursday..oops), and 16 on Saturday.  I took a short nap after my run on Saturday.  Then I went and ran some errands with the family.  Sunday morning, I got up for church, came home ate lunch,  attempted to ice skate for a couple hours (it was fun and I called it ice wobbling), we went out to dinner, then went to Mass at 7pm.  During Mass, I thought I was going to sleep right then and there.  My eyelids were so heavy!  We came home and then after finishing up some laundry, Erik and I decided to put in a movie, The Avengers, great movie but it was started at 10pm.  So at about 1am I went to sleep.  Luckily I have Mondays off work and running.  Yesterday, Monday after sending my boys off to school, I went to sleep.  I slept so much yesterday and then went to bed at night around 11pm so sleepy!  I woke up this morning groggy.

It’s 8am and the boys are off to school and Erik is off to work.  I start my work day at 12pm today.  This weeks runs include:  4miles-tues, 8 miles wed, 5 miles thurs, and 12 miles sat.  Monday and Fridays are rest days Thank God!  I generally tend to miss my Thursday runs because I start work at 9am.  It’s hard to get out there.  Today I am actually going to run my 5 miler.  It’s supposed to rain so I’m heading out there with my rain jacket.  I know it will make my day feel more energized and better.  Knowing I have 5 miles ahead of me is not daunting and I know I can get it done.  What a difference, before I thought 5 miles is so long, and now after running double digits, 5 miles is nothing.  I have 4 half marathons under my belt so long distances are not foreign to me, but I have never run a marathon let alone run so many miles in a week.  My body is making the adjustment and forcing me to sleep! Which is ok with me!  My new bed time is 9pm.  I am off work at 8pm today so I will get home, get in my pj’s, and crawl into bed.  🙂

Check out the mile after mile page for more running tips and blogs.  I like reading other people’s personal journeys.  Just regular people like you and I who enjoy running and have different goals.

Going to run now,  Happy miles everyone!

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