rain rain rain

So, here in North Texas it was predicted that it would rain starting today.  The rain was predicted for the afternoon so I thought, “Great, I’ll run in the morning and beat the rain.”  That is exactly what I did, I headed out at 9am and it was drizzling.  I wore my rain jacket, my cap, and running tights.  It was a cold brisk run, it felt great.  I ran 5 miles and my avg pace was 9 minutes.  I finished in 45:17.  I was so happy.  My legs were tired and I wasn’t feeling it at first.  I’m so impressed at how my endurance has improved.  I wasn’t trying to run fast until the end but it actually felt good.  It was work but actually felt almost effortless.  So, when I felt like I was running slow I’d speed up!

I felt good at work, not too drowsy.  I’m looking forward to what my day will look like tomorrow.  Tomorrow I have an 8 miler to do.  It’s supposed to continue raining so I may opt for the treadmill if it’s coming down too hard.

I’m pretty sure I’ll sleep good tonight.



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