Ugh…still trying to recover from yesterday’s run.  I made some minor changes before our 16 mile the week before and this week.   I need to get to bed early tonight (well by 10ish) and see if I can manage to change the run schedule this week a little.

My schedule looks like Tues-4, Wed-9, Thurs-5 Saturday 18.  I plan on running Mon-4, Tues, 5 and Wed 9 then possibly walking and/or cross training on Thurs and Resting Friday, Sat-18 resting Sunday.  I don’t want to run on Fridays or cross train on those days either.  I especially need to rest my body on those days and maybe even nap during the day too.  🙂

I’ll try that out this week and see how it goes.  I also plan on doing a cleanse too.  Shakeology lite cleanse.  I have gained 6 lbs since Thanksgiving and I know part is holiday weight and the other is the training weight.  I was freaking out a bit but Tiffany put it into perspective for me.  I think that was part of my “blah” feeling this week.  I hope it improves now that I feel empowered.  I have a plan on how to tackle this and I read some reviews on how to do this.  I’ll have a shakeology for breakfast made with water (not milk of any kind-I wonder if it includes almond milk) and a banana with ice.  I’ll still have my coffee in the am for the caffeine but I should be good the rest of the day.  If not I’ll drink green tea.  I’ll have a shakeology for lunch, made with water, and an apple on the side.  For dinner just a vegetable dinner (vegan agrautin( sp?) potatoes for tomorrow).  I’m a non dairy vegetarian so it should be easy to do.  Other dinners I have planned this week are vegetarian minestrone soup, and split pea soup.  Low calorie soups that are easy to digest and yummy.       We’ll have salad on the side with each and if the family wants bread with theirs they can.

According to the chart Tiffany sent me I’m at my ideal weight.  I just don’t want to feel “blah” anymore.  I think this 3 day cleanse and perhaps adding more Pilates or Power 90 will take me out of the blues.  Might be that I’m bored of the running.  I am not use to JUST running, usually I run, pop in a DVD, or weight train throughout the week.  I love Running don’t get me run, but I think I’m getting burnt out and anxious.  When I get anxious I eat alot of sweets, matter a fact, I am sharing some vanilla wafers with my husband as we speak, and we finished the box.  There were about 3/4  full of cookies in the box left.  It’s time for me to get to bed I start my cleanse tomorrow.  I’m excited now.

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