Snow, ice, 15 degree windchill

This week it has been really cold so far.  Yesterday I ran 4 miles on the treadmill because of the bitter cold and today I woke up to thunder, snow, sleet, and ice.  5 miles on the treadmill.  I am so glad I have it as an option.  So many people complain about the treadmill, “dreadmill.”  They say they HATE it.  However, on days like today and yesterday, or last week when it was POURING rain, or the extremely HOT days I’m so thankful that I have the option to hop on it and run.  Either speed intervals, hillstrides, or making negative splits.  I enjoy it.  The most I’ve run on it is 8 miles.  Granted it can get boring so in order to keep it interesting I played my audio book.

Tomorrow is the longest midweek run of the training program, 9 miles.  It’s supposed to be 25 degrees low and high in the 50’s as well as sunny.  I start my day at 2pm so I can start my run later in the morning giving it time to warm up.  In the meantime I will get more cleaning done.  So far I’ve cleaned my bathrooms, run, made dinner, gone to work-on Tuesday, (Monday is a day off, but I still did some cleaning, dinner, and had lunch with the boys).

Today I ran 5 miles on the treadmill.  I warmed up at 6.2 for 1 mile.  Then I increased to 6.4 for the next 2 miles.  I increased the incline 3% then 4%. I stopped and walked for a minute before I started at 6.6 I ran at that speed for 1 mile, increased the speed 6.7 for another mile, then increased the incline, increased the speed 7.0-8.0 during the last mile.  It was intense but it made it go by faster.  I finished 46:50.  My 4th mile was slower than yesterday but I sort f made up for it by increasing speed and incline.

If I can get out tomorrow I’m bringing Hawkeye with me on his new lead.  We’ll see how he does.  🙂

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