9 miles with dogs

In order to guarantee negative splits I shall take my dogs. These two are complete opposites. Rusty makes it 2-2.5 miles tops. He quits part off the way and will just sit in the street. If he wiggles out if his collar he will just lie down and take a rest. Hawkeye runs and has gone up to 6 miles. He pulls the entire time too! He has a gentle leader that goes around his snout. It helps keep him from pulling so much and he’s still getting used to it.

Today I had 9 miles scheduled and I planned on running with the dogs. The first 2 miles with both dogs the last 7 with just Hawkeye. That’s what I planned but what actually ended up happening was Rusty quit  after 1.6 miles then after some encouragement he ran .4 more miles then quit again! I got him home and left with Hawkeye. He ran another 2.5 miles.  His new lead helped but he’s still sporadic so I decided to leave him at home and run the rest alone.

My 1st couple miles with Rusty pace was 12-13 mins, the next couple miles with Hawkeye were at a 10-11 min pace. Then by myself, I maintained a 9:08  pace for 2 miles,  slowed down to 9:20 then sped up to 8:45 at the end. Shedding dogs = increased speed. 🙂 my run felt good and not labored. I have no runs scheduled til Sat’s 18 miler.

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