Ultra Marathon 24 hours training…

There are 8 weeks left before my 24 hour endurance run.  On Saturday Liz and I ran/walked 26 miles.  Quite frankly I felt pretty good until about mile 18 and the blisters on my feet and the cramps in my calves became very uncomfortable.  It was like nothing I’ve felt before.  I’ve read on some sites about fueling during a long run and I have come to realize that I don’t fuel enough during the run.  The general consensus is to fuel every 30-45 minutes.  Unfortunately I have been waiting until close to 2-3 hours before I eat my first gel and then I just drink water and Gatorade for the duration of the run.  If I have another gel I might eat it but I am considering carrying real food with me such as PB&J!

On October 11 is the Tyler Rose Marathon and the website stated that they would provide Gatorade and water but the fueling would be up to the runners.  I think rasins, segmented tangerines, gels, and PB&J ought to do the trick.  I’ll consider just wearing my Spi belt so I can carry my snacks and depending on the water they provide.  It’s hard to tell what my body will do.

I’m eating more of the healthy fats such as avocados and mixed nuts.  I’m hoping by loading up on fats instead of carbs I’ll have more stored energy which will keep me steady throughout Tyler.  I don’t have a goal for that race other than to finish.  I’m treating it like a training/social run more than anything else.

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