First solo long run

Yesterday was the first long run on the training plan.  It was a 6 miler, nothing too daunting, yet.  I ran them alone, the boys didn’t want to join me on their bikes and I opted not to take the dogs.  It was chilly and I realized from winters past I am not a good cold weather runner.  I’m the complete opposite of my other running friends who dreaded the summer runs.  In fact in the summer, it was uncomfortable but I loved it.  So, I bundled up, with my beanie, gloves, and my long sleeves.  One mile in my beanie fell off so I had to pause my app on my phone, but my gloves wouldn’t let me make good contact on the touch screen.  I pulled my right glove off, paused the app, turned back to pick up my beanie, stuffed it in my fuel belt, started my app, began running as I put my glove back on and proceeded on…by mile 3 I was circling back to the house.  Once I got there I removed my gloves, paused the app, took off some gear, drank some water, and finished the other three.  I was not feeling like finishing this run at all.  In fact I remember thinking, “My GPS is off because this feels like the longest 6 mile run EVER!”  My toes stayed cold, my cheeks stayed cold, and my mind was not in the zone at all.  I kept thinking of a warm shower, warm cup of coffee, and pancakes.  Why do I think of pancakes when I am running?  My time was decent.  I finished a little under an hour.  My splits were between 9:14 and 9:40 with the exception of one I think was 10:04.  I need to get my game on if I’m going to be doing these long runs in 30 degree or less weather.  After about mile 4 or 5 are start getting in my happy place where I can run and run and run.  Today is cross training, and I walked my dogs for 40 mins.  I’m going to include some weights and some Pilates in my routine today.  I like Sundays for cross training, it gives me flexibility to do whatever I want.  I think I like that…doing whatever I want.  🙂  Run Happy!

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  1. I think of orange juice. And sometimes beer. But not together. That would be gross.

    I like you blog, girlie. Keep it up. -K

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