Wow, I am struck by the opportunity that I have here.  It’s amazing that I was at a place of employment where I felt like I was worthless and that everything I did was not appreciated, yet I was just showered with praise in a matter of minutes and the people that  did are potentially going to be my colleagues and supervisors!  How awesome is that.  I have been searching for a place such as this for a while.  I know that self worth is important and I am working on gaining that for myself each day.  I thank God for not giving up on me and reassuring me when I need to hear it once again, “Am I important?” “Am I worth more than this?”  “Could I ask for more than this?”  “Is it wrong for me to desire appreciation?”  I actually questioned myself, and became angry for not being content even though the place where I was what not where I wanted to be.

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