505.87 miles run so far this year…

The marathon is November 10th and I have not had the structured training or the long runs as I planned.  I’m still going to run it and I feel confident.  In fact I feel better about this marathon than CowTown.  By the time the marathon came in February, I was getting burnt out and feeling tired.  My muscles were fatigued and emotionally I was exhausted.  I’m a little nervous but that goes with any long race.

Yesterday I ran in Grand Prairie in my mom and dad’s neighborhood.  I just took it slow and ran.  I felt good, didn’t feel exhausted, and could have kept going.  We were on a time constraint since we had plans to go to a quinceanera.  I ran 9.75 miles then met up with my mom and we walked about 2 miles to cool down.  It was nice and it was a nice morning.  Not too hot or humid.  Fall is coming I’m so excited!

I logged on to my Garmin website and have logged a little over 500 miles this year.  I only ran 18 this week and I have to get that number up.  I’m going to try to average about 30 this week by running 10 miles Monday, Wed, and 18 on Saturday with a short speed run on either Thursday morning or Friday morning.  I also need some hill work which will have to be on the treadmill since I haven’t found a hilly route.

I’ve also been doing Pilates which helps me maintain good form.  Last marathon training I just ran and did cross training every once in a while.  Thursdays and Sundays are usually my rest days and it works out nice.  Running alone has also been nice since there is no pressure, but I’m also finding getting up early when no one is waiting for me difficult.  I take my time and this summer it has not been the best strategy since it is too hot.  Either way I run happy!

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