13.1 miles Dec 15, 2012

On Saturday I met Tiffany at the trail and we began our run.  13 miles were ahead of me. The night before I went to bed at 1:30, got up at 6:45, brushed my teeth ate a nutrigrain bar and headed out to meet her by 7:30am.  The first mile in I thought, “Oh man this is going to be hard and go on forever!”  I noticed myself breathing heavier as we were running and talking.  I noticed my hips and legs were tighter and I really just wanted to go back to bed.  Miles 2 and 3 were like that.  We continued running at an avg of about 9:30 pace/mile.  I think if she wouldn’t have been there I would have gone much slower.  Then at about mile 5 is when I felt it that surge of energy, the lightness on my feet, the exhilarting feeling…the runner’s high.  I chase that high everytime.  From mile 5 on, I felt comfortable and was moving along.  We turned around at mile 6.5 where we took a walk break.  We started running again and we stopped again at mile 8, short walk break, then continued.  We were going to go to mile 10, Tiffany’s watch beeped so we started walking and then realized we walked about a quarter of a mile early.  We started running again, and we got to mile 12, we ran faster at about 8:50 pace all the way to 13.1.  We did our own half marathon!  The cool part was that in the past my half marathon times were either 2:23 or 2:22.  All four half marathons that I have run were the same time.  I’m consistent I’m glad for that, but this time we finished at 2:10.41!  I took off 11 minutes and some seconds off my best half marathon time!  I was excited.  We walked back to her car and found her car driver’s side window was busted and her purse had gotten stolen.  🙁  After getting all the glass cleaned up Tiffany went home and I went home.  Still feeling good about the run, but bummed about her car and stolen belongings.  Next week we have 14 miles planned and we are parking our cars somewhere different.

This morning I’m feeling a little achy and tired but not sore that I can’t move.  I love that feeling!

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