20 miler!!!

Throughout this training, Tiffany and I have been gearing up for our 20 mile run.  The last long run before we start tapering for the marathon on the 24th.  I remember I would scroll forward on my marathon training app at the beginning of this program and just stare at the  upcoming 20 miles which was  something I dreaded.  I thought it was impossible.  I knew I could run a half marathon, a 15K, and 10K.  The most I’d ever run was 14miles and that was more than a year ago.

As the weeks progressed and the mileage progressed I was feeling less and less intimidated by 20 miles.  Tiffany and I rocked our 16miles and 18miles.  Then we PR a half marathon (me by 20 minutes)!  So yeah I was confident going into it.  Last week started with a 5 miler on Tues, a 10 miler on Wednesday, and another 5miler on Thursday before we got to Saturday’s 20.  I rested on Monday, ran/walked/jogged with my dogs like 2 miles on Tuesday, 10 Wednesday, and 2 Thursday.

Friday, my normal day off work, I went into the office anyway to finish progress notes.  While I was there, I had to crisis intervene with a 10yo girl who had made an outcry of sexual abuse at school.  Once I finished with her, it was time for me to go.  No paperwork got done, I felt a little put off by that, but I went home anyway.  I had things I needed to do in order to prep for this 20 mile run and I wanted to get to bed early.

Friday night I filled up my bottles, put my banana out on the counter, got my running clothes out and ready, and curled up in my bed to read Jeff Galloway’s marathon book.  I began texting as well and my attempt to fall asleep by 10pm turned closer to 11pm.  Oh well I set my alarm for 5:20am-we were meeting at 6:30am to begin our run.  My alarm went off and I hit snooze and slept for 20 more minutes leaving me 20 minutes to get ready and go.  It’s about a 30min or so drive.  I got dressed quickly took care of my business but not quite and reluctantly left.  I don’t like being late and I don’t like people having to wait for me, but that’s another story.  Needless to say I was late like 20 minutes late to be exact.  Tiffany called me to see where I was and if I was close.  I told her and the others to start without me and I’d catch up since I still had to run to Panera and use their bathroom one last time.  I was feeling out of sorts anyway.  Highly anxious, a little tired, and really guilty.  I’m always late!!!!

I turned on my workout beats and off I went.  The first few steps were tough.  I felt heavy and like I was frozen.  Not that it was cold outside-it was rather nice out actually-I felt like nothing was moving.  I was running an 11min or so pace.  I started slow and was ok with that.  Into mile 1 Tiffany called to check where I was.  I was grateful for that, what a caring friend.  They were at about mile 2 or so and our plan was to run 3 and walk a min and then walk after each mile.  I opted not to walk after mile 3 so I could catch up and I was at mile 4.3 or so when I saw Veronica, Jeanie, (who are training for the half and were out for 10) and Tiffany.  They had already reached the turn around at mile 5 so I turned too and Tiffany and I walked 1 minute and then continued.  We ran a mile and walked a minute and so on until Tiffany’s watch beeped 20 miles!  I was 1 mile behind and she ran with me for about a quarter of a mile before I sped off and she did her cool down walk.

I decided to just run fast for the remainder of my run and even though my legs were fatigued, my knees were achy, and ankle sore I managed to run and pace 8:15-8:30.  At one point I looked at my watch it said 7:48!  What a confidence builder…I want to run fast at the end of the marathon.  Ambitiously I am imagining running the last 10K at a faster pace and then the final 2-3 miles super fast.  I’m glad I didn’t let my funk from the morning to dampen my mood and ruin my run.  I love running so much that I think turning it into a negative would ruin it all for me.


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